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» All-Around Rules
Thu May 14, 2015 3:44 pm by Night


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All-Around Rules

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1 All-Around Rules on Thu May 14, 2015 3:44 pm



Basic Roleplay Rules

Absolutely No Godmodding.
No one is completely invulnerable. In fights, not one character may dodge or block every attack. Every character is limited to the abilities of their year and level of experience. First years should not be able to reliably conjure a Patronus, for example.

No Mary-Sues. A Mary-Sue is a "perfect" character. Your character may not have the perfect personality or be the "most beautiful in their year". They must have a weakness, be it physical, mental, or emotional. No completely evil characters either.

Keep the RP clean. Characters may do minor affectionate actions, but nothing more intimate and/or descriptive than kissing may be posted. Children can be born to characters, however, the creation of the child and the labor must be left out. (Although there is no need to have the entire pregnancy played out. The child simply appears after someone fills out their character form). It is suggested that students do not try to do this until after they leave the school.

Be literate. Use third person (he, she, it, they). Try your best at spelling and grammar. Full words, never text speak. Try to be descriptive at the right time, what time is it? Where are you? Bad sentence: "i jumped off the cliff and felt the updraft russle my hare i shouted I RULE TEH WRLD!!1" Please don't do that. It hurts just writing it. Better sentence: "(Name) jumped off of the cliffs, arms outstretched, feeling the strong updraft flow across their hair and shouted 'I'm on top of the world!' with joy." Much nicer to look at, isn't it?

Keep the timeline paradox-free. A character may only recall knowing information in a topic created after they received said information in a previous topic. This makes things easier.

Only ONE account. Don't try to do this. One set of characters should be enough for you. It is far too easy to find out if this happens, so save yourself and us the trouble of booting you off-site. If a sibling joins the site, please let us know so that you will not be deleted on accident

Outside Roleplay

Be respectful of other members and guests. A no-brainer. Be nice, it isn't that hard.code word is WAND

Do not SPAM.Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Just don't. Anywhere, in RP, in the Chatbox. No advertisements outside of the ADVERTISEMENTS section either.

In-depth Roleplay Rules

In fights: Discuss with the user playing the other character on how the fight should play out. You must contact and receive approval from the other user before maiming their character. Warning: your character will receive punishment if caught.

Be realistic. Everyone does not have an invisibility cloak. Nobody has the Elder Wand. Your character must act their age. Spells are honed through age and experience.

Be moral with romantic relationships. All gender and/ or sexuality pairings are allowed. Pairings must be within three years of age while at school, but this is dropped once BOTH characters have left. This rule is put here to prevent a twenty two year old from dating an eleven year old.

Be consistent. Your character may not be sweet and caring one day then a violent mass murderer the next. If you want their personality to change, do it slowly, influenced by events. If they do have a mental illness, please say so. This can be avoided if the character is being affected by Imperio.

If you feel a rule should be added in any category, please PM Night.

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